What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the constant inability of men to get and maintain an erection of the penis, which is critical for satisfactory sexual intercourse. An erection ensures the implementation of the copulative cycle and is one in every of the components of sexual activity together with concupiscence, ejaculation, and a way of delight (orgasm), so ED is remarked as sexual dysfunction. The term ED replaced the outdated concept of “impotence”, which failed to give a concept of the essence of the matter and infrequently caused a negative emotional reaction of men. Currently, it’s believed that a standard erection is feasible only with adequate functioning of the nerves and blood vessels of the penis with the complete functioning of the mechanisms of tissue and hormonal regulation. during this regard, the looks of ED during a man should be considered as an indication. 

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction

Large-scale studies conducted in many countries around the world have shown that ED is a very common problem. This disease is observed in additional than 1/2 Russians aged 22 to 77 years, while the proportion of men laid low with it, likewise as its severity increase with age. within the development of ED, two leading components are distinguished – psychogenic, related to psychoemotional factors, and organic – thanks to the presence of diseases. Psychogenic ED is more .often observed in young men. Bodybuilder uses steroids and sometimes get ED. It is caused by a conflict situation within the relationship of partners or by some emotional overstrain, for instance, problems at work. Organic ED usually develops in older men, against the background of atherosclerotic vascular lesions, arterial hypertension, metabolic disorders – dyslipidemia, diabetes, age-related androgen deficiency. At the identical time, men with the organic nature of ED often have a psychogenic component, thanks to a scarcity of confidence within the ability to get and maintain an erection, and a fear of failure in a trial to possess sexual activity. Obviously, during this regard, a private approach is required for every patient with ED. 

Who is in danger of developing the disease within the first place?

 According to modern concepts, the best probability of developing ED is in men with signs called risk factors for coronary cardiovascular disease (CHD): low physical activity, overweight and obesity, smoking, hypercholesterolemia, metabolic syndrome. In addition, ED often develops against the background of drug therapy, for instance, within the correction of arterial hypertension by first-generation beta-blockers or thiazide diuretics. Therefore, it’s so important in ED to conduct a comprehensive examination of a person and recommend a group of measures geared toward correcting existing disorders additionally to selecting adequate pharmacotherapy to normalize erectile function. Such a personalized approach allows wishing on the restoration of normal metabolism within the cavernous bodies and therefore the return of one’s own erectile function. 

What are the treatments?

what’s the experience of treating dysfunction abroad? We can say confidently that today, in almost 100% of men with ED, recovery of erection is achieved. It should be noted that the approaches to the treatment of patients with ED in our country and abroad don’t have fundamental differences. This was facilitated by the wide dissemination of recommendations prepared by the EU Association of Urology [2] and their approval by the leadership of the Russian Society of Urology. First of all, just in case of ED, the present risk factors should be eliminated, if possible, reversible pathological conditions should be eliminated, likewise as informing the person and his partner about the essence of the matter, suggesting which methods of optimizing sexual stimulation to eliminate ED is applied taking under consideration individual characteristics.  Sildenafil was the primary IFE5 recommended for the correction of ED since 1998, in reference to this, today it’s the foremost fully studied drug during this group in real clinical practice.


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