What are the various steps you take for your washer?

You remember it is your laundry day, walk into the room, carefully separate whites and color clothes. After you have stuffed the clothes into the washer, you hear a large buzzing sound, and the appliance fails! The very thought of filling the bucket with water, squeeze it and make it dirt free, it is a Herculean task. When an appliance fails, the first step you have to do is to check whether you can fix it yourself. The washer is an indispensable part of your daily life because you can’t drag all your clothes to the nearby laundry man to wash it every day.

Before you place your hand on it to repair the washer, read the instruction manual thoroughly. Don’t forget to unplug the ground wire to avoid accidents later.

How to repair a washer?

  • Power Supply: If the chord inside the washer has worn out, it will not receive the power to switch on. If there is a loose connection, then also the washer may refuse to switch on. If the washer is receiving power, but still it is not working, you may, probably, have to call an electrician to help you out with washer repair.
  • Regular maintenance: You have to clean the washer door and the top to prevent the accumulation of dirt that will hamper the function of the washer. If you use more clothes than leave cloth fiber while washing, you have to remove it immediately. Otherwise, it will interfere with the working of the washer, and the appliance will fail gradually. Add some vinegar and baking soda to the washer tub. Make it work without clothes. It will drain out all the accumulated water with dirt and washing powder.
  • Dissemble the washer: If your appliance fails, disassemble the washer cabinet that houses all the electrical parts of the appliance. You can check the parts one by one to find out where the problem happened, and the washer failed to work. Keep the appliance manual with you while doing washer repair and to diagnose the exact problem in the appliance.
  • Timer problems: Timer is the main control machine that determines the time the washer runs, how much water needed to wash the laundry, and the washing cycles. If your washer has timer problems, you should call a professional immediately. Remove the main plug and control panel that runs the washer timer. The control panel has wires that interconnect the main appliance with the timer. If it is dislocated, push it back to the place and check whether the timer works properly. If it doesn’t, it is time to call a professional.

How to maintain a washer to prolong its life?

Maintaining your appliance will help you with the cost of repair and extend its life.

1. Change the washer hose: 

You have to check the washer hose that fills the water periodically. The hose will bulge, crack, which will require a costly washer repair in the future. Change the water hose every three to four years.

2. Check whether the washer is placed safely:

When you place a washer, check whether there is some space between the washer and the wall. This will prevent the hose from entangling and damage over time.

3. Place it properly: 

When the machine cycle is going on, particularly during the washer spinning time, the appliance may move forward or backward. It will damage the machine or the floor. You can push the washer wheels up or down to place it in a proper position. This will prevent damage to the machine.

4. Clean lint filter: 

The lint filter will accumulate dirt and clothe fiber gradually. Just remove the lint filter to drain out the accumulated detergent and water. This will prevent damage to the washer.

5. Avoid overloading the appliance: 

A washer is an electronic appliance that has a built-in capacity to wash a certain load of clothes. Never overload beyond the capacity of the washer.

6. Use the required amount of detergent: 

If you have a washer manual, take it out to know the exact amount of detergent you have to use to wash the clothes. If you add more than that, it will leave the extra detergent in the machine that will damage the appliance in due course of time.

Bottom Line

In short, washers are electrical appliances that have to be used with great care. Periodical maintenance of the machine will prolong the life of the machine. Otherwise, you will have to call a professional for the washer repair which will cost you some money. If you don’t maintain your washer properly, it will not only damage your machine but also damage the flooring of your house. Always remember to clean the washer door as it will be wet even after a wash. Unplug the washer before using a dry cloth to clean it around your appliance.


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