Turkey that should be in your Travel Photography List

Travel Photography is one of the coolest jobs in the world, and there is no denying the fact. If it’s you hooked still and you’re keen to create a tremendous portfolio, Turkey is wherever you must be. It has places so stunning and surreal that it would feel like a stroke of luck for the budding photographers.
This guide to Turkey’s eight most picturesque sites is all that you simply ought to have that dream portfolio, after your camera of course.

  1. Blue Mosque
    Well, no words will do justice to the charm of it, and that is perhaps why it needs a wonderful photographer like you. Hone your skills well before you rest eyes on its amazing architecture; it’s one in all the foremost photographed sites within the world and you’ll have some serious photography goals to beat.
  2. Cappadocia
    A trip to Cappadocia is hailed as one of the most romantic experiences of Turkey. Take our word, it is one of the most picturesque one as well. This region in Central Turkey is a visual delight, and one of those famed hot air balloon rides might just be the best way to get some stunners for your photo gallery.
  3. Grand Bazaar
    A trip to Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar will flip additional into a photographer’s delight instead of simply a searching expertise. Its ancient settings and hues can|that may} place a rainbow to shame will create the task of photographing it rather straightforward for you. My word, get a 50mm lens or one of an even lesser focal length.
  4. Mount Nemrut
    Reserve an early morning for a trip to Mount Nemrut, for the place looks nothing less than otherworldly at dawn. At its high lies the 2000+ year recent grave of King Antiochus of Commagene, which is a sight in itself. Take a lightweight camera along, for the hike to the top is rather steep yet totally worth the views.
  5. Kekova
    Kalekoy is additional of a secret and Turkey ought to proud itself for keeping it well-guarded. Away from the rather prying tourists and far crowd, this is more of a beach escape that will charm you with its stunning blue waters. Take your camera along, cut off from the rest of the world, hop on a boat (that is the best way to get here), and greet the Mediterranean in all its beauty.
  6. Mardin
    If you are not much into nature photography and are eager for a more urban experience, Mardin is where you should head off to. Mardin is deeply connected to the Mesopotamian Civilisation, and is a lost world, that is perched on a ridge. While it usually attracts history-lovers, this place has a lot for the shutterbugs as well
  7. Pamukkale
    Pamukkale’s appearance nothing like however, you have got been seeing Turkey. A breather between all those over-exposed, ultra-filtered photos, this is a part of Turkey that still has not found a way to Instagram and all that jazz. Its thermal pools and terraces are a definite break from regular Turkey photos, and you might be one of the rare ones, who have captured it on camera.
  8. Kackar Mountains
    Kackar Mountains are the calling for the shutterbugs, who have a shot of adrenaline as well. Surprisingly green in the rather expected Turkish landscape, these mountains are glaciated alpine in their topography, and have more than what you can imagine that is waiting to be caught on camera. They also call it Turkey’s Alps


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