Shop Smart For Tech Items And Office Supply At Staples!

While setting up a business, every penny counts. And, it is necessary to make savvy decisions when you are shopping for essential products for running a company. The things you buy should be not only cost-effective, but also of good quality. In other words, your mission is to find a balance between value and quality.

What better place than Staples to buy the best-quality office accessories? Staples is one of the world’s renowned retail stores in the United States. Whether you are looking for office essentials or investing in tech items, like hard drives or computers, Staples provides you with amazing deals on items. 

But, there are some areas where you can make wise buying decisions to ensure that you get the best value for money. Where to make smart buying decisions? Read to know!

Buy Office Essentials In Bulk

If you want to make the best of the money you spend, below are some office essentials you smartly invest in-


Though paper plays a crucial role in an office, keeping it in the good supply should not hurt your finances. Staples store offers a wide range of options on high-quality paper. So, you are not limited on choices. 

Stay updated with Staples weekly ads & flyers to know the trending offers. Further, use less expensive paper for in-house printing. And, invest in a high-quality paper for client interactions.

Printer, Ink Toner

If you are looking for a printer, consider the features and benefits you require for your business. Then, research the best price for a printer that will provide you with all the elements. 

While the printer is a one-time investment, the ink is a recurring expense. If your business relies on printing in true color, you need individual cartridges for each color, which can be quite expensive. 

Before you commit to any purchase, go through the price of replacement cartridges for printers. Staples weekly ads can help you know about the store’s latest deals on printers or ink toners.


Office workers spend considerable time sorting out jams or other difficulties with a stapler. It is better to insist on a demonstration before buying a stapler; it will help you see the product in action.

If you regularly pull staples out of paperwork as they need fixating, don’t use a costly cartridge. A box of regular staples is cheaper. Thus, even if you discard the staples, it won’t be a big waste.


A large office whiteboard can be a hub of imagination and creativity among co-workers. Create a whiteboard wall as a cost-friendly way to provide better flexibility and manage the space. Use a dry erase paint kit to make wall-size surfaces.

Sign Up For Staples Rewards

You can join the Staples Rewards program for free. Once you sign up, you’ll be entitled to perks and special savings that can be used to save on office shopping. Usually, members get 2-5% rewards on every purchase. Also, there is free delivery with no minimum on eligible things and a $2 reward for the recycled ink cartridge.

After signing up for this program, you’ll get an email. You can opt-in for special offers, Staple flyers, and coupons. If you are lucky, you may get high-value coupons up to $10 off a purchase. Cool!

While Purchasing Tablets or Computers

As you begin to set up your business, you may also need quality computers. Be it a laptop or desktop; these are the must-have tech gadgets in an office. Keep your requirements in mind, and make a wise decision based on your budget.

Suppose you are not always working in an office, or your work often sees you on-the-go. In this case, you can buy a lightweight, slimline, like Ultrabook. 

Check The Clearance Section

Staples stores have clearance sections at the back, where they add items every week. The items in this section are marked yellow and show the final price. If you venture beyond this section, you can also find better deals on other items year-round. 

For example, highlighters found in an aisle with other writing instruments are less costly than those sold in the office supplies. It won’t hurt to look!


It is essential to keep your budget in mind when shopping for office essentials. However, if you are tight on budget, it doesn’t mean you need to forfeit the quality. With a few simple changes in your thought process behind the purchases, you can find the best value on your purchase.


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