Save Big Bucks On Grocery Shopping With These Smart Tips

It’s pretty easy to overspend while shopping at the grocery store. Sometimes, you buy so many sale items, while at the other times, you get distracted by the in-store promotions. Though it seems nice to walk from one aisle to the next with a shopping cart, it doesn’t take time to go over your budget.

However, you just need to follow a few smart tips to avoid falling in the traps of a grocery store. And your next grocery shopping will go easy on your pocket. So, let’s get started!

Always Go Clockwise

Do you know where a grocery store’s entrance is, has a significant effect on the way you do your groceries? Individuals who go anti-clockwise spend more than those who go clockwise. The reason is, access on the right forces you to go counter-clockwise. 

However, if you enter from the door left to the entrance, it will make you go in the proper direction. And you’ll save a lot!

This is because the customers who enter from the left tend to focus more towards the front. They spend less time, thus less money. However, grocery stores notice that they make more money by putting the doors on the right. 

So, next time you go to a superstore, prefer going left right away to save a few dollars.

Shop For The Groceries In A U

Start grocery shopping from the fresh produce section and continue in a U, i.e., all other staples like dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. However, if you start with the basics, there won’t be much room to place unnecessary products find in the middle aisles.

Check The Expiry Dates

One of the most important things you need to recognize that the expiry date doesn’t mean it must be thrown in the waste bin. But, these dates only indicate you must consume the food at its freshest. Or, the food is at its freshest, highest nutritional value, best texture.

However, you need to be careful that expiry dates apply only if the product hasn’t opened. Look for the items at the back of the shelf to find the food with the longest date possible.

Read The Flyers Carefully

Do you know that flyers not necessarily show the products on the sale? Moreover, most of the sale items are found on the first and last page. All the other pages are for promoting the items to give the buyer the impression that they are less expensive.

You can take advantage of the AG food flyers in Canada to try new products. The meals and snacks sometimes feel boring after a while. So, why not try fresh fruits, chicken once a week, or a month?

Take Advantage Of Fruits And Vegetables In Season

You can control your grocery bill by purchasing fruits and vegetables that are in season. Not only they taste better, but they also cost less than imported foods. Besides, the frozen food section is a great option for your budget.

Frozen fruits and vegetables benefit you all year long, and they are available at reasonable prices. You can choose mixes in their natural taste, without fat, added sugar, or salt.

Take A Look At The Transaction Table

Before you proclaim yourself a shopping pro, there is one essential thing for you to do. Check when the cashier enters the products, as you don’t want to ruin all your efforts to save money because of a simple pricing error. Many times, these little things spoil the savings. So, make sure to check your bill, as well. 

Now that you know some good practices to follow in grocery store to save money, use them next time you go for grocery shopping. 


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