Refrigerator Repair vs Replacement: How to Decide?

An erring refrigerator can become a major headache. Refrigerators are one of the most important household appliances, and when yours is not functioning fine, it is important to get rid of the situation.

Should one get rid of the situation of an erring refrigerator involve getting the refrigerator repaired, or should it involve getting rid of the refrigerator itself? Refrigerator repair or refrigerator replacement – this is a million-dollar question. In this article, we help you find the answer to it! 

What do refrigerator repair and replacement encompass?

Refrigerator repair and replacement are two very different approaches towards ending your worries with regard to a troublesome appliance. Repair essentially involves getting in touch with a professional repair service and asking them to fix the issues with your appliance or replacing the components that might have developed some faults. This approach is generally preferred when the issues are rather mild, and the appliance is not very old. 

Refrigerator replacement is an approach that involves completely discarding your existing appliance, and looking for a new one in lew of it. This approach is generally advised when the existing fridge has grown old or has developed some serious or irreparable issues. However, if your appliance is brand new and is still under the guarantee period, one should always get in touch with the dealer/manufacturer, and seek an immediate replacement.

Let us now have a look at the pros and cons of each of the approaches, one by one. 

Pros and Cons of Refrigerator Repair


  • Is generally more economical, less expensive
  • Takes less time and can be repaired immediately, without any delay
  • One can make use of the desirable quality/make of spare parts
  • The refrigerator repair services generally provide warrantee over the repairs done


  • Requires the help of a professional refrigerator repair service
  • The repaired appliance can develop other problems later on

Pro and Cons of Refrigerator Replacement


  • You get a brand new appliance with the latest features and functionalities
  • You get a guarantee and warranty on the new appliance
  • The new appliance will be more energy-efficient and perform better


  • You will have to shell out more money to buy a new refrigerator
  • You will also have to put time and effort to select and purchase the right appliance for you

How to Decide?

Refrigerator repair or replacement is an important decision to make. Though it can be very confusing, one must give it a proper thought and take into consideration all the factors, pros and cons, before making the final decision. The following pointers can help you in taking this decision.

When to opt for repair?

  1. If your refrigerator is in good shape and it is the first time that it has developed a fault, always give first preference to refrigerator repair. 
  2. Which component of your refrigerator has developed the snag? Is it a replaceable component? If yes, then getting the appliance repaired and the particular component replaced. 
  3. Always take the suggestion and inputs of a professional appliance repair company as to whether your refrigerator can be corrected through repair. If yes, give preference refrigerator repair. 

When to opt for replacement?

  1. If your refrigerator has been posing trouble for a long time and developed some sag or the other every now and then, getting it replaced with a new one is advisable. 
  2. If you are an extensive user of the refrigerator and it runs 24 X 7, replacing the refrigerator every few years can prove to be a wise decision to make. 
  3. If your refrigerator is more than 5-7 years is old and is in bad shape, you can opt for refrigerator replacement and buy a new one.
  4. You can also go for replacement in the following situations:
  • Dysfunctional Compressor or compressor coil
  • Breakdown in the refrigerator motor
  • Irregularities and inability of the refrigerator to maintain temperatures
  • Inefficiency in the refrigerator regulator
  • Persistent heating or sound from the appliance, with unexplainable source

The Bottom Line!!

One must make the decision or whether to go for refrigerator repair or for replacement, very carefully. The first step towards making this decision is to equip yourself with the right set of information, which we have tried to provide in this article. A good choice will ensure that your money, time, and effort is saved, and you do not have to suffer unnecessarily. 


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