Is there any location requirement for opening a kiosk?

In the world of technology, Indian banks introduced kiosks or customer service points (CSPs) to start and give impetus to achieving a particular goal of serving banking benefits to people of rural areas. These kiosks business companies have tied up with some of the leading banks such as State Bank of India, Bank of India, etc and construct kiosks to help them out with a new range of banking facilities like internet-enabled transactions and other net banking services that are not available in few areas.  

The banks initiative to give these services to those places where there are no privilege and data services, it and they aim to deliver some mainstream financial services to the mass banks that are using hi-tech technology using remote biometric enable secure technology.

Kiosk banking introduced by the Government of India and it was an important part of boosting financial inclusion in the areas that were not privileged.

Where to install a bank kiosk?

Now, when you need to put up the kiosk banking business, says BOI Kiosk banking, where would you install the kiosk? Is there any particular location requirement for opening the kiosk?

Well, keeping the kiosks in strategic places can bring a lot of footfall and can achieve your goals. When you aim to take the banking services to people and make some good profits out of it, you need to place the kiosks in strategic locations.

If you are working on placing the kiosks, then you need to be able to BOI login online. To make possible this, there needs to proper internet connectivity and electricity. If it is a recent urbanized rural area with a shopping mall having good facilities, multispeciality hospital, and Wi-Fi enabled railway stations, then they can be the perfect locations for the BOI bank kiosks. Suppose, if there are shopping malls, you can start a kiosk right outside that because people do come for purchasing clothes.

No matter where you keep your banking kiosks, you need to be able to manage those locations well and send the support whenever the machines are down. Thus, you need not have a BOI online Application in your phone to start accessing these kiosks. Just some ideal credentials would do.

What are the benefits of having these kiosks set up for the people?

Customers can easily operate financial transactions when the banks are not open form the kiosk banking outlet. All they have to do is to open an account in that bank and they can operate from any kiosk of the particular bank.

These kiosks can help in opening bank accounts or any online transactions at ease. There are many advantages with some of them being account opening, cash withdrawal, cash deposits, money transfer, etc.


You need to not worry about the security because they are all secured with biometrics. Therefore, any bank kiosk you open, you get to make the customers to either deposit, withdraw, or remit the amount of maximum INR 10,000 per day via the internet-enabled kiosk.


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