Importance of Vitamin D supplement for your body

Vitamin D is produced to the response of sunlight in your skin. It is a very crucial vitamin that is needed in your body to stay healthy. As the body comes in contact with the sun rays our body starts to produce Vitamins like D1, D2, D3. It is a natural process but nowadays our generation is found to be deficient in this vitamin due to our lifestyle.

Vitamin D is like a balancing agent in our body that helps other minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and calcium to stabilize.

To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin D many vitamin D supplements have come into the market. There are also a few food items that provide Vitamin D to our body like egg yolk, shrimp, fortified milk, fortified cereal, fortified yogurt, and salmon, etc. Vitamin D supplement dosage shall be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

Vitamin D helps build stronger bones. Apart from providing an amazing skeleton health Vitamin D has many other benefits. Healthy heart, metabolic health, regulates insulin, lungs function, and healthy brain, etc.

Vitamin D is very crucial for healthy bones and teeth. It also helps increase immunity and it is a must for pregnant ladies. Researchers even say it protects us against cancer and diabetes.

If a person has Vitamin D deficiency, he is prone to abnormalities related to bones. Problems like osteomalacia or osteoporosis i.e. making bones soft and fragile are quite common in a Vitamin D deficient person.

People who are easily prone to Vitamin D deficiency

  • Infants or more precisely breastfed infants
  • Elderly people i.e. old aged people
  • Individuals with a dark complexion as they have a high level of melanin
  • Ones who do not have enough sun exposure
  • Staying in buildings which block sunlight
  • Usage of excessive sunscreen
  • Ones who stay indoors mostly
  • Highly polluted areas or cities

How much Vitamin D does an individual need?

  • 600 IU (International Units) for children, teens, adults, and pregnant women.
  •   800 IU for old people

Why Vitamin D is important in our life?

1.    Increased bone health

To keep your bones healthy and strong it is very important to have an optimal level of Vitamin D in your body.

2.    Helps fight diseases

Vitamin D keeps you away from heart diseases, nervous system disorders like multiple sclerosis make you immune to flu, etc.

3.    Helps reduce depression

Vitamin D helps you balance your mood swings and keeps you away from depression. Researchers say they gave Vitamin D supplements to anxiety and depression patients and noticed an improvement in their condition.

4.    Help lose weight

It is noticed by researchers that people who take calcium and Vitamin D supplements tends to reduce more weight as compared to the ones taking placebo supplements.

How obesity and Vitamin D deficiency is interlinked-

Vitamin D an important micronutrient that helps your bones stay stronger and helps improve immunity. It is beneficial for your heart and brain as well. This micronutrient has found out to be effective in weight loss as well. People who complain about belly fat have seen some wonderful results in their fat reduction after having Vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D helps your body to make through sun exposure. It is also known to be a fat-soluble vitamin which can be effective if the food consumed is rich in Vitamin D.

Obese people who are majorly deficient in Vitamin D have been studied and researched have found some amazing results in weight loss after being on Vitamin D supplements.

Blood levels with lower Vitamin D are directly related to our body’s BMI (body mass index and fat percentage).

It is found that obese people have very low vitamin D levels as compared to the ones who are lean. The ones who do not eat food rich with vitamin D are more prone to obesity.

Most obese people are not very comfortable to expose their body therefore, they lack sun exposure. One shall expose themselves to the sun early in the morning because it is said that morning sun rays are more effective than later in the day. Due to increased pollution and many other factors, sun rays later in the day may not be as beneficial as compared to the fresh morning rays. Let your body absorb as much sun as possible early in the morning itself.

Levels on enzymes to convert Vitamin into energy differs from obese to non-obese people. The reason why obese people are more deficient is that their body size needs more vitamin D in their blood level.

If you are moving towards weight loss you will observe that Vitamin D in your blood levels has increased as your body’s BMI is becoming more balanced.

Best Vitamin D3 supplement Canada is easily available online or at any pharmaceutical store. One shall have Vitamin D supplement dosage as and when recommended by the doctor.


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