How to protect data of your old cell phones?

Cellphone data these days is as important as our bank accounts. I am not joking it’s true and I have a question from all of you would you like to remove all of your device data? I think no one would like to do that. Therefore data of your digital device has its importance no time ever before. So, people want to protect the data of the device especially when the mobile is getting older. Cellphone users often think about to have a new device as soon as possible and when they have it they become desperate for the protection of the old cell phone data. For maintenance tech gadget contact: Tech Support

 On the other hand, if you don’t have any sort of data backup then the reservations of the handset user truly become serious. Now the question arises how a person can protect cell data of an old handset when he/she doesn’t have data backup facility? The answer is pretty state forward you would have to go for the clone device to shift the data from one mobile device to another.

Clone a mobile for the protection of old mobile data?

Cloning a smartphone means when a mobile device user has an old device and has got a new one but now he wants to transfer or shift the data stored into a new one. It means you just have to copy from one mobile device data and then past it to another new one. But in reality, it does not look that much easier. It requires a tech-based tool that empowers you to have a data backup and then empowers you to re-install the data to the new handset. Therefore, you need to get your hands on the TheOneSpy best cell phone monitoring software to protect mobile data of an older mobile.

Install cellphone spy app on the older phone to clone it & for data backup

If you are looking forward to protecting the data an old handset then you must have data backup software and as well as you have a tool to clone an old handset. Simply you need to visit the browser of your new device connected to the internet. Furthermore, make a search on the web for phone surveillance software. Besides, you need to perform the following mentioned steps to clone an older device or to create a data backup.

Step1: Subscribe for phone spying software

When you have access to the official webpage of the surveillance app for digital devices then you need to get subscription online. Beside, instantly check your email and get the login credentials.

Step2: Get Physical access on an older device

Now take the target old device into your hands and then start the process of installation and when you have done with it activate it on the target handset.

Step3: Get credentials & get access to the web portal

It is the best time to use the login credentials and further get access to the online control panel. Further, you need to use plenty of tools that empower you to clone a handset to shift older data into the newly purchased device.

Use cellphone monitoring app tools to protect the data of an older device

Use web control panel tool data backup

When you have done with the installation process and you have got access to the web portal on your new device. You will see all the data stored on the target device will automatically start syncing into the web portal that you have opened into your new mobile device. You can simply store the data of your old mobile phone device into the new device.

Monitor activities and as well as data on an old handset

You can monitor stored contacts, multimedia stored in the gallery and further you can track emails sent or received on the targeted device. Furthermore, you can record live cellphone calls and browsing activities happen on target older smartphones. Additionally, you can spy on text message sent or received on the target device and last but not least you can perform live screen recording on the target device to see the live activities.


Cellphone monitoring software is the best tool that empowers you to create a data backup, clone a handset and as well as monitor the activities on the target device to the fullest.

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