How to get more YouTube views – the Simple Method

Marketers using YouTube research for more strategies for generating additional views and likes for their business videos. Any business video, on social media platform usually works to get higher numbers of youtube views. The target audience must watch the video. Videos that miss important aspects lose quality and in turn lose views.  Let’s run through a few tactics that help generate more YouTube views.

  • Make viewers your subscribers 

The potential viewers for the full content are the ones already watching and enjoying the videos. For subscribed viewers, alerts intimate them about new uploads and instant views.  The easy and simple way of obtaining viewers is by asking them to subscribe to the channel. An easy way for subscription is by adding a link to the channel.

  • Use keyword rich and descriptive titles

This is a mandatory facet where keyword research plays its main role. There are two aspects that an interesting and descriptive title plays. It offers keywords for algorithm, relevancy purpose and grabs user attention and conveys the content in the video. SEO methods such as keyword planner or keyword research tools are of use in keyword research. The keyword popularity on YouTube is checked by navigating to keyword planner and clicking on YouTube search on the right. The video content optimizes for good content. This results in obtaining the right views by informing the search engine and users about the video content. Thus, you can get youtube views with the help of keywords and descriptive titles.

  • Asking the audience their requirement

Graham Cochrane, Youtube creators racked up 23 million views and he mentioned the secret of his success in an interview. He mentioned asking the audience what they desire to see and make the content for them. More audience and views are obtained by creating videos required by the audience.  The audience is also engaged and get back often for more videos. Interesting comments are from channels and videos pertaining to it develops.  YouTube creators can also ask the fans and viewers about their required content and work on it.

  • Keyword-rich and quality descriptions 

The video description is the key part that informs the search engine and audience about the content of the video. In this way, the users get to know the content that in turn enhances the click-through rate. It is hence good to have generic and unique descriptions along with interesting. Make sure to opt for short-tail keywords for rankings. The descriptions should be enticing and optimized perfectly for YouTube to be a search engine.

  • Pick a good thumbnail 

It would be mind-numbing if YouTube permits to pick its thumbnail. For this, the screenshot feature is of use to capture the video image that is attention-grabbing after it uploads in the video settings.

  • Post often and early 

It is good to post videos regularly for a month initially. Along with this the images and headlines are to refresh often. In this way, viewership enhances along with better audience exposure.

  • Transcripts for videos 

It is of high debate that transcripts and captions enhance your tube ranking. Closed captions are ones that increase YouTube viewers and reach an international audience too. By focussing on YouTube organic results, views and viewership traffic elevates to a higher extent.

  • Guest you tubers 

Similar to guest bloggers for content, industry influencers, guest you tubers are ones possessing their followers and help to improve your viewers. The guest you tubers entice the users by offering a unique and varied perspective to the content. It would be great to provide a link to their websites or videos in your description that results in a perfect relationship.

  • Employment of cards 

The optimization features on YouTube can glimpse through and contents promote. In that manner, cards are of use in the promotion of other video contents, donation of non-profit, obtaining more channel subscribers, directing traffic to the website, encouraging participants to take part in a poll, etc. The video views can enhance by utilizing cards for subscription to channel and to view fewer watch contents. Also, behavioral analytics are of use to monitor and find out the spot where the user ceases watching the video and implement the card there. There are many metrics and actionable insights that are understood from youtube behavioral analytics. These metrics help in enhancing youtube views.


These are a few important aspects to follow to improve to get youtube views. Though it takes more time to obtain YouTube views, YouTube creators can work with the above-mentioned tips in a smart way for better results. The content should never compromise on quality and focus on developing active subscriber base. All these aspects together help in reaching more viewers and likes for YouTube videos.


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