How The Neurosphere plans to use neural networks in commerce

How can they be useful for neural network development from the neurosphere

An artificially created neural network is a mathematical model that functions on the principle of the nervous system. Thanks to the interconnection of the simplest processes, artificial intelligence is able to perform the most complex tasks that are beyond the power of the human brain. The most simple example of neural networks is the function of recognizing faces on cameras or searching for information on the Internet using pictures. Here you can see a vivid example of obtaining information by artificial intelligence, analyzing and deriving the final result.

Scientists have moved further in the development of this technology and were able to organize the work of neural networks in such a way that they received the ability to learn. One of the companies that took part in the development was Theneurosphere LLC. It was founded in Central America in 2015 by a group of academic researchers. Thanks to hard work, they were able to create a special platform that allows you to train artificial intelligence with a teacher or even without him.

After the development of this technology by The Neurosphere, neural networks began to be actively used in trading and business. Today, machines can perform the toughest tasks with minimal human involvement. The main positive characteristics of using artificial intelligence are:

  • Low level of errors in data analysis
  • Financial benefit

Human labor requires regular payment, while the machine requires only purchase costs, and does not require certain conditions for work.

  • Increased efficiency

human resources are limited by simple needs, but artificial intelligence will not lose its efficiency even with long-term uninterrupted operation.

Many famous companies around the world choose a neural network in order to minimize the risks of data leakage or loss. Hospitals create electronic maps, and enterprises use cameras to monitor the time employees are away from the workplace. There is even a technology for recognizing the faces of buyers in stores in order to analyze with what emotions consumers visit them or how their mood changes looking at a particular product.

We can say that technologies that allow you to create and use the capabilities of a neural network greatly facilitate work and allow you to get more data for analysis. This makes it possible to make changes to work processes, to optimize them, as well as to improve the quality of the work. You can also read the article Theneurosphere with a detailed description of the work on neural networks and their application.


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