George Goyal’s Ways to Promote Business in 2021.

In order to service and grow, every business needs customers. To get customers, one needs to promote business. In the olden days, it was just a matter of deciding a flyer, postcard, a brochure, ad in the local paper, or a postcard. In modern times, it is more difficult. As a result, George Goyal from Houston brings you a few ways to promote business. Keep reading to know the same. 

Promoting business on google

Google can be used to promote a business and it is no-brainer. Google had captured more than 90% of market and hence it is one of the best ways to get in touch with the customers that keep on actively searching for solutions. A few of the best to use Google to get your name on it are: 

Create and verify the google business profile

The google business profile is a Google’s term for Google listing that allows to show the business in Google maps results and the local section of the Google Search results. Even when someone types your business name and location in the right-side of the knowledge panel in search results. Google always gets better and better at catering the results to searcher’s location and the free listing of google must be a top priority. 

The key of using the business profile for promoting business is verifying the ownership of the listing through free google my business account. Once a user gets ownership, he can optimize the listing to show up higher in the results and relevant searches. 

Getting website

Every business must have a website, be it be an old-fashioned one or a client one. The website goes best for the current and upcoming customers. Even if customers find you on social media or google, they basically search for your website and like the google listing. This serves as a business around the clock. 

A good website is not only a promotional tool, it even tells a story of your business and what you are offering, the contact information and even reflects the brands personality with distinguishing characteristics. Website is also essential for improving and measuring the success of other promotional tactics. 

Implementing search engine optimization

It is one major thing to promote the business and another thing for google to promote your business. SEO is the collection of practices that align the business with Google’s ranking platform. The ranking algorithm is designed to use machine learning and user behavior to produce quality and accurate results for searchers. Optimizing the search engines is optimizing the searches especially the one that search for what you have to offer. 

Create business blog

Business blog is another important driver of SEO as it deserves its own category as promotional strategy. A blog is not a LiveJournal but it allows to create some posts regarding your milestones and events. A lucrative business blog is the one producing educational content in the brand voice along with the questions and terms the ideal customers search for in the Google search bar. 

Sharing content

A blog showing expertise, genuine desire and approachability to help the audience is a perfect promotional tool for any business. Hence only publishing posts isn’t necessary but promoting them is. One can do so on social media, email newsletters or the downloadable guides that help you to collect leads. It will be better if you can produce content with share ability in mind as such blog posts are more likely to get noticed by other credible websites who can mention and backlink to your site or through the social media feeds that promote your business for you. 

Running google ads

While the SEO helps you to get to the top of result pages, it is a long-term strategy taking up to weeks, months or even years to start seeing the results. If you have a good budget, Google ads is a better way to go. They show up at the top of search engine results pages, above local and organic listings. Out of all the available search engines, Google is far the most popular not only due to its largest share of search engine traffic but also due to its higher level of flexibility, detailed performance metrics and ad building features. 

Getting online customer reviews

We mean collecting reviews but as reviews are most important for small and local businesses, they deserve their own section. 

Word of mouth is considered as one of the most powerful ways of promoting the business to correct people. Testimonials on the websites are great but getting reviews on the official platforms such as Facebook, Google and Yelp are far better. 


In the modern terms, it has become important to promote the business and many of the users are deprived of the ways of doing so. Hence, George Goyal Houston brought you a few of the ways of promoting the business in 2021. Follow these points and get your business promoted. 


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