Effective Six tips for reaching out to Bloggers

Reaching out to social media influencers and bloggers should be a well planned and executed process so as to benefit the SEO strategy of a website. The following are the six important steps that help a business to reach out to its bloggers.

  • Establish a relationship with the blogger:

Identify the appropriate blogger and social media influencer in a particular niche. The next important step is to build up a relationship with the blogger with the help of initial engagement. It is also a good idea to follow the bloggers on social media. Bloggers and social media influencers are active across multiple online channels. Find them across these channels so as to get familiar with their style and the type of content they post. This will also help develop a common ground for communication with them. Influencers are more receptive to people who have a genuine interest in their stories. The next most important step in establishing contact is to share its content on one’s own social media channels.

  • Making initial contact:

After establishing an initial relationship, shift the engagement to a more direct manner with the help of social channels to start with and slowly progressing to more personalized emails. While starting to reach out to bloggers and social media influencers directly, cast a wider net and at the same time, keep things personal. Reach out to the influencers on social channels where they are most active. The initial message should help connect with the influencer on a personal level and put the building blocks of a strong business partnership.

After sending the initial message through the social platform, send an in-depth introduction email. Most of the social media influencers will have their contact information on their social profiles. Keep the tone of the conversation informal and avoid laying any specific offers and asks.

  • Decide on the most appropriate offer:

After the blogger or the influencer has expressed interest in working together, determine the most appropriate offer. The offer that one makes will depend on a number of factors. Determine the number of followers and fans the influencer has and decide on what to ask them for in return. Also, decide on how much to spend on the endeavor. Offer a proper incentive for the influencer to help them take up the offer.

  • Communicate the needs appropriately:

Determine the best reasonable and generous offer for the blogger or the influencer. Ensure to spell out the best deals of the ‘ask’ appropriately in the blogger outreach services. Have an appropriate email correspondence so that both the parties are clear of the ask and the offer. It is very much important to be clear and direct at this step.

For example, ask for one blog post and two Instagram posts. Or ask for an additional mention of Facebook. This can be done for an exchange of $100 pre-fixed dinner for two at a restaurant. This has to be done within the best possible time frame. Ensure that all of the posts feature custom business hashtags, proper tagging and the specific link for the website. It is always good to be clear about the requirements of both parties. this is important as far as the blogger outreach services are concerned.

  • Measure the results of the outreach program:

As far as the marketing efforts are concerned, it is important to make sure that one has the way of determining and measuring the results of one’s efforts. Bloggers have to make sure that they set up a way to determine if the efforts of influencer collaboration were worthwhile or not. It is important to create a custom landing page. And also a custom tracked link and also possibly a tracked phone number of possible. Have the tracking components set up while communication the final favor with the influencer? Ensure to offer the blogger and the social media influencers with the necessary tagging and tracking elements. This will also be of use for all future posts and blogs.

  • Follow up:

Following up on the successful influencer collaboration can actually facilitate an ongoing brand ambassador relationships. If the collaboration of the brand with a blogger and the social media influencer results in a tremendous increase in leads. It also results in increasing the number of engaged followers across social media, then it is a sure success.

Following up on successful influencer collaborations can facilitate ongoing brand ambassador relationships. After initiating and experiencing the fruits of a successful influencer relationship, the next most important step is to nurture the relationship for all future work.

Final words:

The relationship between the product owner and the influencer can either be paid or continue with the help of creative incentives. There are always a huge number of creative solutions to consider if one wishes to build the best and unpaid marketing relationships with social media influencers and bloggers.


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