Beginner’s Guide: Why Paying More for the Professional Website Pays off

There are several reasons you might want to create a website from scratch and on your own. 

Sometimes, people are crafty and creative and love doing it themselves. Or your budget is really tight (but then you should ask yourself if you’re trying to build a website before building the audience first). 

Sometimes people are convinced that professional help isn’t worth the money, even though they have it. Or, you just don’t think the website is that important when you have Instagram or Facebook pages. 

We are going to dispel those myths, all but first. This one is for a very small percentage of people who really have it all. 

At the same time, we’re going to give several solid reasons why you DO have to hire a professional, such as this Houston web design company

Some Important Things to Consider

As stated above, if you are on a budget, but still want to have a functional, smooth, good-looking, problem-solving website, you’d have to work on your product first, and then the audience. 

Who are these people? Do you know the average customer of yours? How do they behave online? How did they find you, and why? Are they recurring customers? What do they like about your product? 

These questions aren’t just for those without cash, on the contrary: everyone needs to answer them before venturing into business. 

But for those who don’t have enough money for the professional website, it might be wise to reconsider their business model- since going into debt without a clear direction isn’t a good plan. 

On the other hand, for those who have the buck, yet are suspicious of professionals and if the project is worthwhile, hear me out: a good web design company will take money for sure, but it will give back more than you think- consider growing your business considerably after you launch your tailor-made, bug-free, optimized, sharp-looking money machine. Yep. 

Ok, bug-free is for the sake of poetic expression here, but the difference between some home-made versions and a professional one is that they are here to stick should any issue arise: they’ll solve it quickly without any major disruption. 

That’s big, right. 

To be able to relax knowing that they have your business back. 

You Don’t Need a Website? Think Twice

For those of you thinking the Instagram direct message is enough: no, it’s not. 

Especially if you have a large volume of products and people need to go through your timeline while being constantly interrupted by their own DM’s and stuff. 

And they can’t seem to find that model from the previous collection. And keep asking thousands of questions, which you can’t always see, or reply days after, when they have already bought what they need from your competition. Which might be more expensive, but it was quicker, easier, and – SOLVED THEIR PROBLEM. 

This is what all is about- professionals know how to do it- they went to school for that, worked as interns for (big) companies to gain precious experience. They know to code, but they also know business and marketing (Hint: they hire different people for all these areas). They have project managers, those highly- organized people who work very hard to meet all your deadlines AND make you happy with the end result. 

The List of Pros for Pros

On top of that, here are some very specific reasons why it pays off to invest money into your “e-shop window”. When done by pros, it should be:

  1. Secure
  2. Altered and Updated Easily
  3. Responsive and Functional
  4. Visible 
  5. Unique
  6. Professional, Polished to Perfection

Let’s cover some of them.

Security First

Nowadays, security is the holy grail, and you know you can’t firewall it yourself. Also, you can’t risk your entire business by being hacked. Web agencies design the product with highly secure themes and come prepared with SSL and good encryption. 

Google Sees You!

A small business doesn’t have that luxury to be invisible, dysfunctional, slow, broken, insecure…and why not, ugly. 

You have one shot to tell the people what you do, what your business vision and model are, what is that you have and that they need badly, which is the reason Google put you up there. 

But we know that Google doesn’t do it as a favor, you need to have an awesome online presence and crazy SEO techniques to beat the algorithm. 

So please, leave that to professionals. 

Load it! Stat!

When it comes to responsiveness, it matters because nowadays people won’t wait in a physical line more than the bare minimum, let alone online. 

You have to be IKEA to make them wait for a long while. 

Moreover, the faster the loading, the better the chances for higher ranking, since Google doesn’t want to wait, either. 


If you are faced with the decision about the future of your website, have no doubt, seek professionals. 

Although it might seem like a big investment from the onset, you need to see the bigger picture: it will most likely be a success and will pay off later. 

This article refers to professionalism as to “a firm handshake”, because that’s what it is. 

It gives you a sense of trust. Your customers immediately get the feeling of you knowing what you’re doing. They’ll convert. 

Because they value how you value them. And fix their problems at that.

Author Byline: Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.


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