7 Best Places To Shop In Fresno, California

Central Valley is a shopping paradise for the residents of Fresno, as well as the visitors. Whether you are looking for chic boutiques or big brand stores, you will find everything here. Here, we have summarized the seven best, well-known shopping malls you must consider-

Fashion Fair Mall

Fashion Fair Mall, Fresno is one of the best shopping destinations in California’s Central Valley. Featuring four departmental stores and 120 specialty stores, the mall has everything to fulfill your shopping desires.

You will find high-quality retailers here, like H&M, Macy’s, Apple, etc. Besides, there are much more shopping, entertainment, and dining options. Recent innovations in the mall feature new mall amenities, stone-textured flooring, and landscaping. 

River Park Shopping Center

Fresno River Park is a premier shopping destination in our mall of America store list. Located near 41 freeway in the Blackstone Avenue, River Park boasts many shopping and eating points in a distinct shopping environment.

River Park has an excellent marketplace, a plaza, and stores that carry everything from sports, books, fashion accessories to home furnishings and apparel. Moreover, from casual to fine, you will find exquisite dining options here. Edwards 21 Stadium Theater is the focal point at the center. 

Are you wondering how to find stores in River Park Fresno? Well, with an online directory of Malls in America, finding the store list in River Park Fresno has become easy. To find the best shopping mall in USA near me, just click the alphabet, and the list of stores will appear.

Fulton Mall

Fulton Mall is a six-block mall located in the Central District of Fresno. Also known as J Street, Fulton Mall has short segments of three intersecting streets. It integrates art and architecture, while also boasting excellent displays of classical California.

The mall also provides visitors with an opportunity to stroll in an open-air mall and enjoy some of the finest art collections. Also, the mall is home to restaurants, stores, and shops. It hosts many special events and festivals throughout the year.

Old Town Clovis

The Old Town Clovis a great shopping area that preserves the charm of the Old West. It boasts the restored century architecture, colorful flowers, and cobblestone streets. This delightful place lets the visitors stroll down the classic sidewalks along the vibrant green streets.

Also, you will find Italian, French, English, and Mexican tea in restaurants. There are quaint antique and specialty shops full of treasures. It is a center stage for summer and spring and is home to a historical museum.

Sierra Vista Mall

Located at the intersection of Clovis and Shaw avenues, Sierra Vista Mall is another place for an enthralling shopping experience. As it is in close proximity to Fresno State University, you can see students flocking to the place for shopping.

This 260-unit multi-family development site features Target, Sears, Target, and a Sears Vista Cinema. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing dinner, dining, or entertainment in Clovis, Sierra Vista Mall has it all. So, plan your trip to Sierra Vista Mall for the best shopping experience!

Manchester Center

The Manchester Center is Fresno’s first regional mall. Recently, it has been renovated to serve the latest facilities while building on the retail core. It anchors top-class brands like Sears, Gottschalks, Apple, and many more.

Aside from this, the mall is home to several specialty shops, restaurants, food courts, and drug stores. There is a new multi-screen stadium seating cinema with 4000 seats. 

Fig Garden Village

Be it is shopping, entertainment, or dining, Fig Garden Village is another amazing place for shopping in Fresno. Spend a day shopping at all your favorite stores and walking along with a beautiful place.

As one of the most exclusive shopping areas in Fresno, visitors enjoy shopping along with shady walkways. The well-appointed store fonts provide you with a shopping experience you will remember.

To Sum Up

Whether you are looking for big malls or lifestyle-oriented malls, Fresno is a good place with all options. Though you will love each of the shopping places mentioned above, River Park Shopping Center is a must-visit. Besides, the antique shops at the Fulton Mall are also worth exploring.


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